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Nathen is an experienced and results driven Technical Sales Leader and Growth Strategist. With a proven track record of driving revenue growth and expanding client portfolios, Nathen offers expertise in identifying untapped market opportunities, creating compelling value propositions and building high performing teams.


Collaboration is at the heart of Nathen’s leadership philosophy. He thrives in cross-functional environments, working closely with stakeholders at all levels to implement effective sales processes, operational efficiencies and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. With a focus on data-driven decision making, Nathen leverages analytics to identify growth opportunities, measure performance and refine strategies for sustainable success.


Since the founding of Intentions Counselling and Consulting, Nathen has successfully executed our marketing and sales objectives, achieving double-digit growth for 3 consecutive years. Nathen has also contributed to the organizations recognition as one of the top counselling agencies through the Canadian Choice Awards; applauding the best businesses in Canada.

About nATHE
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