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As a counsellor, my role is to provide a warm and responsive environment that supports you in assessing the sources of your stress, finding new tools to deal with everyday life, and discovering new strategies and pathways to empower you to happiness and fulfillment. With informed insights, thought-out expertise, and research-based treatment plans, I will help you succeed.


I work best with clients of all ages who are ready to work on identifying challenges that they are facing and who are interested in making definitive plans to get through these challenges. Together, we can quickly find a path towards new opportunities.


Meet Athina


I have been working with Athina for nearly a year now and she has been absolutely pivotal in the changes I’ve made to my life. She is nothing short of amazing. Extending support not just in sessions but making herself available to contact in any tough moment. Knowing that she genuinely cares and roots for her clients is essential for trust.



March 2023 Update: Our priority is the physical and psychological safety of our clients and staff. As such, in person counselling will be offered and upon your request, and I will be continuing to work remotely by telephone or secure video calling sessions if preferred. 

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